All electrical cabinets are designed with E-plan.  A competent team of electricians then wires the switchboards and assembles the cabinets.

Before shipping, each cabinet is live wired and tested.

Research and design

Ypes has its own research and design department, equipped with the latest tools for drawings, design and calculations.

The design process involves taking into account existing legislation as well as specific features of the existing electricity grid at the site of the customer.

Industrial realizations

Using the approach described above, Ypes has built switchboard cabinets and electrical connecting works for the following types of installations :

  • Industrial refrigeration units
  • Production lines for food processing companies (vegetables, potatoes, jam)
  • Cheese making industry
  • Meat storage
  • Waste processing
  • Water purification
  • Manure processing
  • Tank cleaning
  • Skiruns and skating tracks
  • Amusement parks

Service after sale

The technicians working in Ypes are experienced and take new courses on a regular basis.  Moreover, Ypes disposes of an extensive stock of spare sparts, allowing the technicians to realize quick and correct interventions.

Panel building

We build a variety of panel types in our production hall: capacity, distribution and control panels.  We also build partial or subassemblies and perform adaptations to already existing panels on site.