Welding works must be carried out in conformity with the European Pressure Equipment Directive, and for that purpose you need certified pipe welders.

Today we work with highly trained and certified employees, giving their utmost care to every single project, and attending to the specific wishes of every customer.



Our production hall is fully equipped with lifting devices and workstations for assembling large and complex prefab constructions.  Thus, construction time on site is considerably reduced, leaving more space and time for the customer for other necessary construction works.


Ypes has more than 20 years of experience in piping and machinery construction.  This extensive expertise is guaranteed by a team of highly trained engineers and by teams of competent and qualified technicians.


As a result of its long term association with SKT, the mother company, Ypes has acquired an elaborate know-how with regard to the construction of ammonia refrigeration units. This comprises the assembly of compressor units, vessels, pump groups and piping, on site or in its own production hall.  All units meet the demands of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

Working on site

We guarantee flawless installation and connections by our own people, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.  Our employees are well prepared to work safely and smoothly on site.